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I want to feel the meat.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Outriders, from People Can Fly, released and I'm still sittin' on a fence. One leg on each side. Do I enjoy it, or do I hate it? I consider the looter shooter genre a favorite. Everything about Outriders speaks to my looter shooter soul. Gun design is pretty neat. And gross.


But the game doesn't feel right. Granted, this is incredibly subjective. What feels right to me might not feel right to you. Or, you may not care.

Floaty doesn't necessarily describe my issue accurately. To me that's more about jumping and staying in the air a bit longer than normal.

Think Little Big Planet jumping. Airy might be a better descriptor. Like a swing-and-a-miss in baseball. You want to feel the crunch of that ball! Here, to me, it feels like a strike-out when swinging that temporal blade. Playing reminds me of the first Mythic Quest episode when Ian cannot code a satisfying swing for the newly added shovel. Poppy, the lead engineer describes the fix.

Start by adding an acceleration curve on the front end to get a weightier swing.
Pop the big motors on with smaller pulses at the finish, so you get that, like, crunch sensation.
And boost the initial velocity of the blood particles at impact.
And that'll make it cooler?
Yeah, that'll make it cooler. And they will love it.

Outriders would benefit with this. But first, let's strap all these bugs to a rocket and blast them out of the solar system. We're currently seeing inventories getting wiped (stay away from matchmaking) and loading into an infinite fall.

At least you can set an earlier story point from the lobby to fix the infinite fall glitch, but the inventory thing, well, lol. You better hope it doesn't happen to you! People Can Fly promised they'll gear but not blues. Your precious rolls won't be the same though.

I do find myself wanting to play Outriders each day even with the bugs and airiness. It's fun. The mods and builds are neat. My ultimate favorite mechanic is dismantling blues and above and having the mods from dismantled weapons automatically unlock for use in ANY PIECE OF GEAR. Upgrading gear is streamlined and user-friendly compared to other looter shooters. It is a welcome addition to the genre.

For now, Outriders is extremely YMMV.

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